About Me

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Hi! My professional path is marked by an unyielding commitment to crafting seamless and impactful user experiences. As I navigate the ever-evolving domains of UX management, design leadership, and creative strategy, my personal mission is shaped by the wealth of experiences I have gathered throughout my career:

Uniting Vision and Functionality

In every role, I strive to bridge the gap between creative vision and functional excellence. My current position as UX Manager at Business Wire reflects this commitment, where I've doubled team capabilities through inclusive talent recruitment, nurtured growth, and strategically planned for scalability. By fostering a culture of training, transparency, collaboration, and process-driven approach to UX solutions, I've not only improved our team dynamics but also elevated our collective work efforts.

Elevating Design Elegance and Efficiency

As a Lead UX Designer at Business Wire, my mission was to consolidate diverse products under a unified design system, minimizing both design and technical debt. I led the charge in migrating legacy architecture to a modern tech stack, ensuring not just scalability but optimal workflow for both stakeholders and customers. Through mentorship and heuristic evaluations, I aimed to instill a sense of design elegance and efficiency that lasts.

Pioneering Excellence in UX Design

My tenure as UX Design Director at Definition 6 was defined by pioneering excellence. From leading team expansions to establishing robust processes and pioneering cutting-edge UX service offerings, my mission was to set new standards. Implementing a design system as both a product and service offering, I aimed to support enterprise-level clients in achieving scalable and consistent communication tools.

Cultivating Creativity and Collaboration

Throughout my career, whether as Sr. Art Director or Sr. Creative Solutionist, my mission has been to cultivate creativity and collaboration. I've coached and mentored designers, instilling a user-centric design culture, and facilitated seamless collaboration between hybrid roles, ensuring a pixel-perfect delivery that exceeds expectations.

Bridging Tradition with Innovation

As Chief Illustrator at Brighthouse, my mission was to bridge tradition with innovation. I managed designers, expanded delivery efforts, and introduced digital service offerings. I ideated and formulated campaign strategies for Fortune500 companies, always striving to bring a fresh perspective to traditional media.

In summary, my personal mission is to be an architect of experiences, merging creativity with functionality, and leaving a notable impact for users, stakeholders, and the business. If you're seeking a dedicated professional who aligns vision with action, let's connect and explore the exciting possibilities I can bring to your organization.

Visit my portfolio if you have not done so already... Enjoy!