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Jung Kyu Yang

UX Leader

My experience navigating the world of UX management and design leadership has been a fascinating journey, teaching me invaluable lessons about effective leadership. It's not just about managing projects and resources; it's about understanding the strengths of your team and guiding them towards success. Setting clear goals, communicating a compelling vision, and fostering collaboration are essential ingredients in the formula for success. At DEFINITION 6, I've built a strong UX team focused on user-centered design principles. Similarly, at Business Wire, I've led the team in achieving both short-term wins and long-term objectives, all while prioritizing empathy, innovation, and teamwork. The result? A culture of trust and positivity, where growth and opportunity flourish.

UX Strategist

UX Strategy involves meticulously coordinating all aspects of a product or service to ensure a cohesive and effective user experience. This means understanding what users want, fitting in with business goals, and leveraging technological capabilities to create compelling user experiences. Whether it's teaming up with product and content strategists at Business Wire to developing innovative plans for tackling the hurdles of virtual graduations at the Savannah College of Arts during COVID-19 with DEFINITION 6, I've honed my skills in orchestrating the interactions between users and products/services. By combining user research, design thinking, and iterative testing, I ensure that every interaction is seamless, intuitive, and valuable. My aim is to align user goals with business goals, fostering engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty while optimizing success metrics.

UX Designer

My journey through various creative roles, from illustrator and graphic designer to art director, front-end developer, and to UX designer, has shaped my holistic approach to design. Beyond simply aiming for aesthetically pleasing visuals, my designs are rooted in functionality and simplicity, backed by a blend of artistry, science, and mathematics. For instance, crafting patterns and hierarchies enhances user experience, as evidenced by the design system I developed for all products at Business Wire. Establishing rules and standards, such as a unified library of naming conventions and tools, not only streamlined processes but also minimized the acceration of design and technical debt. My design decisions are also informed by rigorous UX research, whether it involves fine-tuning color schemes or adjusting elements on a page, with the potential for significant impact on the user's journey. In every project, I strive to merge creativity with practicality, ensuring that the end result not only delights the eye but also elevates the user experience to new heights.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Having spent many time in the agency world, I've had the chance to dive deep into a variety of projects that have truly fueled my love for digital marketing. From putting together detailed email campaigns to running exciting social media efforts aimed at grabbing attention and driving traffic to websites, each project has been an exhilarating ride. At DEFINITION 6, I lead the "Highlight" campaign for Cox Media. This project involved seamlessly blending traditional printed sales materials and merch designs with modern digital strategies, like carefully crafted emails, eye-catching banner ads, and enticing landing pages, all leading to an interactive microsite geared toward boosting sales lead conversions. Every project has been a playground for creativity, strategic planning, and a relentless drive to deliver real results in the ever-changing digital world.

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