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Project Overview


In today's mobile-centric world, smartphones have become essential tools for users across various industries. This holds true for individuals utilizing press release services, including those provided by companies like Business Wire. Users require the flexibility to seamlessly transition between desktop and mobile environments, aligning tasks with their work and lifestyle demands. The introduction of the new mobile app addresses these evolving needs.

With real-time notifications delivered directly to their smartphones, users can promptly review and approve press releases, ensuring connectivity regardless of their location. But the benefits extend beyond convenience—the app features robust functionalities such as biometrics, one-tap-to-call options, and customizable settings, empowering users to tailor their experience according to their preferences. With a streamlined interface optimized for mobile usage, the app is poised to deliver added value to press release users, facilitating productivity and engagement on the go.

User Flow


Users receive notifications regarding their press releases, keeping them informed about updates, feedback from editors, or communication from web support. In addition to standard messaging functionalities, users enjoy advanced features such as file attachments and customizable snooze settings. These features empower users to receive notifications at intervals that suit their preferences, enhancing their control and flexibility in managing their press release activities.

User Flow 01

Copy Approval

Every press release undergoes a meticulous editorial curation or approval process, guaranteeing the dissemination of only the most credible and accurate information to the public. This not only maintains the integrity of the content but also provides clients with an additional layer of scrutiny for their press releases.

Likewise, clients themselves are empowered with oversight through our mobile app. This innovative tool enables customers to seamlessly review and either approve or reject curated content crafted by our editors. With a simple tap on the screen, users can efficiently navigate through elements of the press release, ensuring their stamp of approval on the final publication.

User Flow 02

User Flow Diagram

The user flow diagram was meticulously crafted to provide a comprehensive overview of the entire user journey within the mobile app. This feature-focused illustration offers a dynamic portrayal of various scenarios that users may encounter as they navigate through the app, guiding them seamlessly towards the ultimate goal of reaching the press release ready state. With a keen focus on user experience, this diagram serves as a valuable tool for stakeholders, designers, product managers, and engineers, ensuring clarity and alignment across all stages of the app's development and functionality.

Use Flow Diagram


Before proceeding with any designs, meticulous wireframes were crafted to establish a clear visual roadmap of the app's layout and functionality. Serving as a prototype, these wireframes featured clickable hotspots, allowing stakeholders to interact with and review proposed actions and layouts. This collaborative process ensured alignment and provided an opportunity for engineering to assess the feasibility of the proposed features. Through this iterative approach, we ensured that every aspect of the app was carefully considered and refined before moving forward with full-scale design implementation.


Design Library

In order to ensure scalability for future design and development, as well as a consistent user experience, this app utilizes a design library from Figma. It is built on top of the overarching design system that is being created and modified as the app is being developed. With the use of modular components (full list defined in the wireframes), its variants, and variables/tokens, along with careful coordination between everyone involved, this sets a good foundation for future enhancements.

Design Library

Designs (Iterations to the Final)

The journey to the final design involved multiple iterations, shaped by feedback and insights from user testing. Simultaneously, as the overarching design system evolved, significant updates were made to styling, variants, tokens, and variables inherited by the app. Despite these changes, a clear roadmap and early identification of potential risks minimized the impact on the overall timeline. This proactive approach ensured that updates to the design process remained agile and responsive, maintaining momentum towards project goals

Key Features

Example of BW Mobile designs with annotations

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BW Mobile App

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Unify payment system, income verification, reserve, secure, and monitor apartment unit under a single app.

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User segmentation, modularity across multiple sites, content/labeling/categorization/keyword mapping, conversional strategy.


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