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Project Overview

Belgard, a leader in hardscaping products and outdoor living solutions, offers a range of products including pavers, retaining walls, and outdoor living solutions for both residential and commercial projects. The objective of this project was to improve Belgard's digital marketing efforts by defining, designing, developing, measuring, and iteratively optimizing the user journey into the website conversion funnel. This was achieved through an omnichannel approach that integrates various marketing and communication channels to provide a seamless and cohesive user experience.

Omnichannel Mapping

To create an effective marketing funnel, different user touchpoint opportunities across various channels were identified. This approach ensured that users received tailored visual and contextual messages relevant to their journey stages in enhancing their outdoor living spaces. The goal was to guide users smoothly through the funnel from initial awareness to final conversion.

Belgard Marketing Funnel


User Flows

User flows were meticulously defined to map out the different paths users could take depending on their specific needs and stages in the journey. This involved identifying key interactions and decision points to create a seamless and intuitive user experience that guides users towards conversion.

Belgard Website User Flows


The sitemap was an integral part of the information architecture, detailing the structure and organization of the website. This included taxonomy, page labeling, and category definition exercises to ensure that the website was logically organized and easy for users to navigate.

Belgard Website Sitemap


A modular design approach was implemented to create a consistent and scalable foundation for both designers and developers. This ensured that users received a uniform experience across the website, regardless of the page or section they visited.

Belgard Website Templates


Each wireframe was annotated with detailed information for designers, developers, and the client. These annotations provided clear direction on the purpose of each component and the rules governing its inclusion and behavior within the CMS, ensuring a coherent and functional design system.

Belgard Website Components


Collaborating closely with Belgard's internal marketing team, we crafted designs that not only met user needs but also maintained the brand's integrity and tone across different touchpoints. The designs were aimed at enhancing user engagement and driving conversions while staying true to Belgard's brand identity.

Belgard Website Design



Microsites, such as the Quiz application, were designed to offer users engaging and inspirational content. These microsites were strategically created to capture user interest and motivate them to advance to the next phase of their journey, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates.

Belgard Microsite Wireframes


The designs for the microsites were carefully aligned with Belgard's brand guidelines. These designs focused on user engagement and provided a visually appealing and functional interface to enhance the overall user experience.

Belgard Microsite Designs

HTML Email

Email Nurturing Plan

A personalized email nurturing plan was developed to drive users through different channels and ultimately convert them into customers. These emails were tailored to the user's journey stage and provided relevant content and calls to action.

Belgard Email Nurturing Plan

Email Designs

The email designs were created to align with Belgard's branding and messaging, ensuring a cohesive user experience across all relevant touchpoints. These designs were optimized for engagement and conversion, providing users with visually appealing and informative content.

Belgard Email Designs

Social Media

Monthly social and digital ads were developed to support the ongoing marketing efforts. These ads were based on analytical data and insights, ensuring that the content was relevant and effective. The ads were designed to drive traffic to the website and other digital channels, supporting the overall marketing strategy.

Belgard Social Designs

Key Features

Example of Belgard omni-channel designs with annotations

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Comprehensive digital marketing with an omnichannel approach: website, SEO, blogs, social media, digital ads, email, and microsites.

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