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Project Overview

DIYAI is set to venture into a new of small to medium-sized market, presenting a promising avenue for new revenue streams for the business. This product-led, self-serve sales strategy will operate independently from the existing professional service, renowned for its white-glove approach. It serves as a trailblazer, breaks away from the traditional white-glove service, offering customers a quicker and more affordable press creation tool.

Setting itself apart from competitors, DIYAI boasts a superior user experience backed with expertise and data accumulated from its full-service counterpart. Leveraging the power of AI, the platform aims to enhance and automate the content creation process. It will incorporate machine learning capabilities to vet qualified customers, drawing insights from past approved and rejected candidates stored in the archive.

Additionally, DIYAI will feature an intuitive content generation engine equipped with recommendations and sentiment analysis tools, elevating content curation to new heights. These innovative features collectively position DIYAI as a frontrunner in the press creation landscape, promising enhanced efficiency for its customers.

Business Case

Market Segments

DIYAI will make waves in the small to medium-sized business landscape as a groundbreaking new product. This innovative solution is poised to revolutionize revenue streams for the business and is composed of six key components.

New Market Segments

Addressable Market

The preliminary market research has unveiled a vast untapped potential within the addressable market for the new product. While this sector represents a significant revenue stream for industries, the opportunity for success is immense with proper execution, as illustrated in the PowerPoint deck presented to upper management for product endorsement.


Product to Sales-Lead Strategy

This self-serve product will seamlessly integrate customer accounts into the Salesforce Cloud. Utilizing a sophisticated machine learning model, we'll develop an algorithm to identify which customers have the potential to transition into the professional sales funnel. The diagram below depicts the intricate interaction between the product and Salesforce throughout the user workflow.

Salesforce Cloud


With the urgency to deliver an MVP swiftly, the project required rapid progression. Following the ideation phase, Research and Planning had to occur simultaneously. While this approach posed a risk of derailing the project, our iterative process during the Pilot phase mitigated any potential setbacks. The Tiger Team, comprised of four pivotal members— a product strategist, a program manager, a lead engineer, and myself serving as the UX and design lead— worked in tandem to drive the project forward effectively and efficiently.

DIYAI Project Process

User Flow

During the user journey, various AI implementations will be integrated. These implementations not only uphold the product's commitment to empowering users to create press releases independently, without the need for sales or editorial support, but also enhance their experience through features such as AI content extraction and moderation, AI recommendations, and AI analysis. Furthermore, the system will offer recommendations on the most suitable package for users based on factors including the content of the press release, user profile, and multifaceted behavioral and submission patterns derived from past interactions, leveraging machine learning insights.

User Flow

AI Integration

AI Extraction

The press release creation process within DIAYA is streamlined for user convenience. Users can initiate the process by simply uploading a document, after which DIAYA automatically extracts the document's content and populates the relevant fields. Users retain full control and can fine-tune the content as needed.

AI Extraction

AI Moderation

Recognizing the critical importance of reputation and credibility in press releases, our platform prioritizes quality assurance. Our robust content moderation system ensures adherence to professional standards, guarding against potential reputational risks. This involves expert input to identify key words and phrases for monitoring, alongside analysis of past rejected press releases to enhance the system's discernment between inferior and exemplary content.

AI Moderation

Generative AI

Upon creation, press releases crafted within DIYAI are versatile and adaptable. They can be seamlessly repurposed for various channels including social media, earned media, podcasts, and advertisements. AI algorithms curate content specifically tailored for each channel's unique requirements, optimizing engagement and impact.

AI Generative AI


Before the design phase commenced, an extensive series of wireframes were meticulously crafted for user testing purposes. These wireframes underwent numerous iterations before arriving at a finalized version. The user testing process primarily revolved around interactive prototypes, all done in Figma, meticulously coordinated with a dedicated UX Researcher. This approach ensured comprehensive assessment and validation of the wireframes' functionality and usability, ultimately refining the product to meet user needs and expectations.



The website design was strategically crafted to compel users to register for DIYAI, leveraging the established brand colors and design system synonymous with the product. Its primary objective is to swiftly guide users towards initiating the press release creation process by prompting them to sign up promptly.

The press release creation tool on the right employs a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) interface, offering users real-time feedback as they edit their content. Each field is equipped with recommendations aimed at enhancing the quality of the content, including copy suggestions and sentiment analysis, powered by AI.

The payment process is designed for simplicity, featuring just three selections to streamline the user experience and facilitate seamless transactions. This user-centric approach ensures that users can effortlessly navigate through the process, from registration to payment, enhancing overall satisfaction and engagement.

Key Features

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50+ Projects

Below Are Some Case Studies


Self-serve product with content automation, predictive customer vetting, WYSIWYS interface.

BW Mobile App

Integration with biometrics, MFA, messaging, notifications, customizable features.

Business Wire

Cloud migration, consolidatio of CMS onto WordPress Engine, Recommendation Systems, and personalization.

Beam Living

Unify payment system, income verification, reserve, secure, and monitor apartment unit under a single app.

American Heart Association

User segmentation, modularity across multiple sites, content/labeling/categorization/keyword mapping, conversional strategy.


Comprehensive digital marketing with an omnichannel approach: website, SEO, blogs, social media, digital ads, email, and microsites.

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