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Project Overview

Beam Living is a leading full-service real estate management company dedicated to crafting vibrant communities throughout New York City. Despite their exceptional in-person service and amenities, their online leasing and payment system lacked sophistication. The objective of this project is to consolidate four communities into a single web platform, identify key user pain points, and define strategic opportunities aligned with business objectives, aiming to elevate the online experience to surpass competitors.

This involved consolidating all payments, including initial deposits and autopayments, under a single payment system. Automated income verification was used to enhance efficiency and convenience for users. Careful attention has been paid to designing aesthetics tailored to each community brand, ensuring seamless implementation. The user experience has been enhanced by streamlining the full journey lifecycle for potential residents and current occupants, with a focus on personalization and customization throughout the journey.

User Flows

To ensure alignment among stakeholders, the project manager, developers, and designers, a comprehensive user flow was developed to depict various scenarios. This was particularly crucial due to the involvement of multiple stakeholders with differing business rules. Utilizing visual representations of optimal user experiences was integral to the success of the project. Below is an illustration of one of many user flows that were crafted.

User Flow Diagram


UX Leader

Each design served as a functional prototype featuring clickable hotspots, transitions, and variations to closely resemble the actual application. This enabled both internal team members and external stakeholders to offer feedback and recommendations more effectively. By creating components within Adobe XD, design updates were easily implemented with each iteration, streamlining the design process and fostering collaboration.


Design Prototype

Below is a sample of a design prototype built in Adobe XD, presented in Invision. This dynamic prototype features hotspots, animations, and transitions, closely mirroring the anticipated final build. It serves as a powerful tool for internal teams and stakeholders to provide valuable feedback and address any concerns throughout the iterative design process.

Style Guides

A comprehensive style guide was meticulously crafted to ensure that developers accurately translated the designers' vision into reality. It provided detailed documentation of all components, including precise specifications for spacing and sizing across various display breakpoints. Additionally, the style guide facilitated seamless collaboration by enabling both internal and external designers to maintain consistency and adhere to the established design standards once the initial designs have been completed.

Style Guide

Key Features

Example of BW Mobile designs with annotations

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